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Shuya Zhang

Swedish Massage, Hot Stone

Shuya graduated from Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada with top grades in 2022 and she is the newest member of our Sutherland Chan team, joining us March 2023.

She holds a special interest in postural issues, overuse injuries, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, tension headache, and stress relief. Christy has experience in the use of hot stones during massage treatments.

Christy values listening to the client and working with them to design an individualized treatment plan to ensure their goals are met. In the near future, Christy aspires to continue her education to become a certified Acupuncturist.

Christy was born in China and came to Canada in 2012 where she completed her Master’s in Education at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin and enjoys practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and mindfulness/meditation, studying, and cooking.

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